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Formally trained and initiated Christina Lind is a certified Specialist of Royal Tantra.

My powerful role encourages you to transform fantasies in a safe environment.

Time with me is relaxed, authentic and therapeutic

When you show to your belowed what turns you on, it is a surefire way to add another dimension of truth, openness - and therefore trust - to any intimate relating.

Many fantasies are exciting because they allow us to be free to express our desires and fears in extreme forms that we would never dream of doing in our actual lives. What people fantasize about is not necessarily what they would like to act out for real. Sharing fantasies can be a crucial way to connect with your own unconcious energies.

Freedom is freedom from dualities

My work comes from life experience, where there is no division between the higher and the lower, between the body and the soul. My approach to life is not based on any theory. I am only sharing the paths that I have walked on.

If you have never been with a master, you are just doing something that you may have read somewhere and heard somewhere. I can give you the key of how to start, so you don´t end up confused.

I am a friend, I am a guide, I am a lover. In every way I am trying to give you the first experience. That first experience triggers a series of experiences. Whatever I share with you, see how it works, and then come to your own conclusions.

Christina specialises in the Path of Christina Lind Royal Tantra©.
"Thank you for the nice day we had. I want to tell you sincerely that you are very classy, very knowledgeable and highly educated woman. Listening you is very enjoyable. Being so soft, very sweet, little aggressive and so serious, make you absolutely unique.

I hope we can have Japanese lunch again. The music during the Tantra session was so good I wish you email me some of your music."

Mr. Hassan S., 59, CEO, Kuwait

"Your treatment worked like a charm. It took me a while to implement some of the advices you provided. I understand that these things don´t change in a night, but it was worth it. I feel like I am a king again and can do anything. Oh yeah, my wife liked so much the new position you demonstrated me the other day and she wants me to show her more positions that can make her happier. Is it possible for you to teach me more? I loved your massage, too."

Mr. Khaled Al H., 33, GM, Abu Dhabi

"Thank you for caring and being so beautiful from in and out. It was an enlightening experience with you. What you told me was not "news" to me. I quess I have taken one step towards healing by coming to you. I would really love to spend more time with you, but unfortunately cannot afford it right now. What I spent with you was my largest "expense" since I bought my car."

Mr. Hamad A., 32, Entrepreneur, Kuwait city

"Thanks for your delicate tantric massage session. I felt nice and feminine energy after I left you. While I was driving your fragarance was in my sensual awareness. I feel that you are an emotional human with very positive energy. I like you. You are a very sensual woman with body and mind awareness. Wish to feel my own body sensual like yours.

While I was lying on my belly and you came over my body I enjoyed it very much. I felt that you gave me something very warm.. is that true or do I imagine? I really wish that what I felt was transmitted energy from you. I felt wonderful emotions while we were facing each other, deep connection. Heart chakra opened, what do you think?"

Ms. Fatima S., 31, Student, Al Ain, UAE

"Through out my life I feel as I have been guided and I am very glad that you came into my path. I`ve kept the attached photo since we met and smile when I think of you. I would love to see your paintings and you. I say we move to Costa Rica where I can fish and you can lay in the sun! It´s time to enjoy life while we still can. Hope to see you again, wish you were here."

Mr. Charles H., 54, CEO, Atlanta, US

"Thank you very much for providing tips and the amazing treatment. I have started trying the tips and could see interesting results. I am no more worried about PE / ED."

Mr. P. S., 28, Student, Dubai

"My time with you yesterday was one of the best experiences in my life, I immediately went into deep sleep until night. Thank you and hope to see you very soon."

Mr. Faisal H., 29, Lawyer, Saudi-Arabia

"My experience with your in simple terms was 'Awesome'. Very very enlightening and spiritual! Like you give others, please let me know if I can be of any help when you need some pampering. Else I am going to pay you visit for more of the same never before experience whenever I get a chance next."

Mr. Simon P., 32, Entrepreneur, Dubai

"All the success that is yours, is well deserved, you are the greatest. That one day visit to Dubai was very successfull. Thank you."

Mr. Paul G., 54, Architect, Los Angeles, London

"You are a great person, independent, resourceful and lovable."

Mr. Giorgio S., 49, Banker, Geneve

"I really enjoyed our session last week and found it very helpful indeed. If only all counceling sessions could be like that!"

Mr. Fritz L, 37, Founder and CEO, London

"Like you I shall never find or compare. You are good inside and out. You are full of love. I am suggesting to you to write a book. You have and interesting life, you have a decent personality, money is not everything for you. As I said, people like your work for Meditation and the Heart."

Mr. C. L, 69, Financier, London, Geneve

"Thinking of you in Venice. I have reflected on our time together and the longer time passes the more I can't wait for the next time. You are truly a special person and I feel as I have know you forever. For me that is too long to continue the life changing experience. The conversations, tenderness, touching was special. It is hard to wait so long before I can serve my Goddess again."

Mr. John F, 58, CEO, London, Venice

"I can not help to express my admiration to you, for the world that you have chosen to occupy and the sophisticated way you are presenting it. You are intelligent, beautiful and sensationally progressive!

Enhancing energies, deepen the flow and work towards rediscovering sensuality was wonderful, amazing and unforgettable. I somehow feel connected with you in a strange way and inspired to explore Tantra, reiki, energy and meditation. Since my first session, I have had some interesting and memorable moments, thoughts and sensations with people that I already know.

I am writing a screenplay about the world of Love, Tantra, Kama Sutra and the people that bring it 'back' to this crazy world. You seem to be one of them and remind me of one of my characters. Maybe this is why I stay so connected with you."

Ms. C. G, 38, film producer, Los Angeles