Meet your Certified Royal Tantra© Sexologist. Professional Royal Tantra Massage© Dubai. in Dubai Scandinavian Certified Christina Lind Royal Tantra© massages. Sensual massage and therapeutic massages.
Scandinavian Certified Christina Lind. Dubai´s Royal Tantra© sensual tantric massage to drive you and your partner wild.
Scandinavian Certified Specialist to improve your Tantra love sensual skills. Explore Tantra secret sensual techniques of Christina Lind Royal Tantra©.
Scandinavian Certified Royal Tantra Massage© by Christina Lind. Leading Tantra Authority.

Red Hot Tantra Dubai´s No.1 tantric Royal Tantra Massage©in Dubai, pre-book at christinalinddubai.blogspot.ae.

Dubai´s best tantric sensual massages.













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Dubai´s Scandinavian Tantra at christinalinddubai.blogspot.ae The Magic Touch.
Have you ever wondered: Isn´t there more than this?

Even if you are a done-it-all dynamo, Christina Lind will show you some things so new that they are guaranteed to blow your socks off.
A heavenly journey to multiply your pleasure, not just a heated rush to climax.

Adventure into the world of Gourmet Tantra

Experiment secrets that will transform your life. Whether you are stuck in a routine or looking to add more spice to your life, I will come to your rescue.

Take a moment to read more about her magic touch. Find out when she is near you or invite her to travel to you.

Today: Dubai

Dubai: 11th November - 5th January
Kuwait: 5th - 6th January
Dubai: 7th January - 18th January
Doha: 19th - 20th January
Dubai: 21st January - 23rd February

Doha: 24th - 25th February
Dubai: 26th February - 31st March
A private retreat: 1st - 9th April
Dubai: 10th April - 21st October
A private retreat: 22th October - 10th November

My upcoming destinations:

Doha: 24th - 25th February
A private retreat: 1st - 9th April

Please make upcoming destination bookings in advance.

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Christina Lind´s mobile phone numbers:
In the UAE 050 969 0857
From other countries +971 50 969 0857

An inspiring Tantra Master and a leading authority on Tantra. Formally trained, initiated and Scandinavian certified Tantra specialist, sexologist Christina Lind has a private practice in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She offers Christina Lind Royal Tantra© and Sexological bodywork sessions for beginners and a personal Royal Tantra Path for select few only. Improve your love skills while exploring secret Royal Tantra© techniques to drive you and your partner wild. Book Scandinavian Certified Christina Lind for Professional therapeutic Tantra massages in Dubai. AMEX, VISA, Mastercard accepted also in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha Qatar, Kuwait city, Kuwait. WhatsApp +971 50 969 0857 and book your Royal Tantra© session 2-6 days in advance to meet for certified therapeutic non-medical healing treatment with Tantra. Meet her with an open heart and mind, without high expectations and preconceived ideas. The energies and the teachings of Christina Lind can be a catalyst for profound personal discovery and inner awakening.

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