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If you would like to book an appointment, please do so by talking to me. I am highly selective with my time, however I always remain open to the right introduction.

Inquiries can be done by filling the form below and submitting it. You can also contact me by email at:
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Privacy notice: All data is strictly confidential. I will not make any information available to a third party. Please, read more about my
privacy policy.

Please provide as much information as possible so that I can consider your request: the location, duration and any special requests you may have once your consultation is individually tailored to your needs.

When you are ready to schedule your first experience with me, please let me know the following information about you:

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I believe my time is more expensive than some and less than others. Either way, I assure you, your time with me will be unforgettable.

The original relaxing and sensual Christina Lind Tantra Massage
Healing, counceling and education
The Path of Royal Tantra
Intensive Retreats of 2 - 14 days
Tantra and Kamasutra for committed Couples
Speaking Engagements

Dubai, Abu Dhabi; 1 hour 3.800 AED, 1,5 hours 5.300 AED, 2 hours 6.800 AED, 2,5 hours 7.700 AED, 3 hours 8.900 AED

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, London; 1 hour 720 euros (EUR), 1,5 hours 1.000 euros (EUR), 2 hours 1.290 euros (EUR), 2,5 hours 1.450 euros (EUR), 3 hours 1.690 euros (EUR)

Minimum booking time is one and half hours. Fees are fair and non-negotiable.

I am available at my luxury residence. I can also visit you at your five star hotel residence for appointments longer than two hours. When I come to see you, I will be dressed in a very classy, conservative clothing. Fees do not include travel expenses.

I accept cash and credit cards American Express, Visa, Visa Electron, Eurocard and MasterCard for payment. Payments are processed before or in the beginning of our meeting. Your card will be subject to a 5 % transaction charge.

Discreet billing: the name Christina Lind will never be mentioned on your credit card statements.

American Express

Fees for travel

Europe; London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Monaco, Milan, Venice, Rome, Geneve etc. 12 hours: 2.900 euros (EUR), two days (48 hours) 5.500 euros (EUR), three days (72 hours) 7.500 euros (EUR), four days (96 hours) 10.000 euros (EUR)

International; New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc. two days (48 hours): 5.500 euros (EUR), 72 hours 7.500 euros (EUR), 96 hours 10.000 euros (EUR)

Please feel free to contact me with your travel plan.

All travel expenses for flights, transfers, hotels etc., are your responsibility.

The airline ticket may be booked by Christina Lind.

You will be informed about the possible flights and prices. When you agree, you will be asked to send an advance payment covering the whole travelling costs and a 50 % deposit of the value of the booking.

Your booking with me will be confirmed only after you have paid my return flight and the deposit payment.

You are welcome to travel to meet me if you feel uncomfortable sending a deposit.

Payment Procedures

Appointments longer than 4 hours: 50 % deposit in advance.

Deposits can be payed by cash, credit cards American Express, Visa, Eurocard and MasterCard, or bank SWIFT transaction.

The remaining 50 % is to be paid in the beginning of our meeting. This is important, as it allows us to feel relaxed without the need to talk about fees.

Cancellation policy

If your deposit was already paid and you have to cancel your booking, you will be asked for a cancellation fee of 50 % of the value of the booking. If your consultation is rescheduled at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment then the deposit may be transferred to a new time. In the event that I would have to cancel the trip, your deposit would be fully refunded.

If the flight ticket was already paid for then the cancellation fees of the relevant airline or of the travel agent will apply.

Wish list

This list was compiled specifically by request and is designed for those who wish to find it helpful. By no means are any of these gifts expected.

Flowers, diamonds, art, a luxurious villa in the Middle East, free flights, world peace, a poem, a song. Send me to heaven; treat me like a Goddess and design me the ultimate present - a private meditation resort just for fun.